How Many Hours On A Generator Is A Lot?

How Many Hours On A Generator Is A Lot?

Generators, in general, are one best machine because of their many usages. You can use it for emergency purposes. They said that it is also useful when you go on road trips. Many are confused about how long generators can run. And we will not even wonder why.

How many hours on a generator is a lot? Generators running time will always depend on what type it is. It can run up to 3,00 hours or 30,000 hours, while some may last up to 24 hours. And it is possible if you observe a proper maintenance schedule.

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As you read on, you will know that generators do not have an infinite running time. But it depends on what kind of generators you have.

Types Of Generator

Check out the four different types of generators below:


This type of generator is known as the diesel generator because of its energy source. Portable generators help in providing temporary electricity power. Its engine is compact because of this small machine, and they said it could run through limited time. Portable gas has two models; the portable gas generators and diesel portable.

Running times differ from each other, and this gas portable can run up to 2,000 to 3,000 hours. Although they said that this generator has a small machine, you can still deny that it has a decade lifespan.


What makes this generator unique, among others, is that it does start automatically. Yes, you read it right, that is why it is most common to most buyers. This generator can also run through a gas or gasoline. But, they said that it has a larger tank for gas, which makes it run up to 48 hours.

This generator runs equipment like ventilators, elevators, detection systems, and simple lightings.


Known as the Genset generator, this type of generator runs through flammable fuel. Although it runs through an electric generator too, it is still best if it is run by diesel. They also said that this generator is durable and can last up to years.

Another good thing about it is because it has an efficient power outage at a very high density of energy.

Diesel generators work even in the coolest weather but, it can malfunction if it is wet. The running time of this generator can last up to 10,000 to 30,000 hours but with proper maintenance. Proper maintenance includes changing oil, replacing water in its tank, and the filters.

Natural Gas

This type of gas is one efficient generator by many because of its design and durability. Like other generators like diesel and gasoline, this one is more effective than others. It is because of the energy source that it uses. Natural Gas uses either liquified gas or propane as its source of energy.

Because of its design, natural gas generators are easy to store either below or under or above the ground. Natural Gas can last up to 24 hours a day with a 500-gallon tank. But to make it run effectively, make sure that it has proper maintenance.


In general, generators do not have the same running hours, but it depends on what type you have. Though they can run longer than you expected, proper maintenance is still advisable. There are times that the use of generators is being abused.

That is why it’s running time is being cut short. To avoid this, you should also let it rest for a couple of hours before you use it again.