How Long Should A Bug Out Bag Last?

How Long Should A Bug Out Bag Last?

Be prepared. It is what the government and the medical professionals warned us about the coronavirus as it continues to spread all over the world. As fear and anxiety intensify, so did the newfound awareness of what preparedness is all about.

How long should a bug out bag last? It should last at least 72 hours, although some other bags with a bigger compartment can last longer than 72 hours.

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In this article, you will learn all about the Bug-out bag and what it usually consists of. With the emergency kits sold out across everywhere in the country, it is important to know all the essential items in it to have a higher chance of survival.

What Is A Bug Out Bag?

A bug-out bag or commonly known as BOB is a portable kit that carries all the essential items needed for your survival when evacuating from an emergency or a disaster. Bugging out refers to people’s decision to evacuate from their home shelter in response to an alarming emergency, whether it is a natural disaster or caused by mankind.

The essential supplies you probably need during this bugging out situation should be included in your BOB that can help you get through a variety of emergencies. It is usually composed of items that can last for 72 hours.

A bug out bag consist of medical supplies, food, water, multi-tool gears, a water filtration system, paracord, a sleeping bag, tent, sanitation wipes, medicines, sunscreens, sling, burn gel, medical ointments, tourniquet, shovels, ax, duct tape, multi-purpose gears, air filtration mask, fishing kits, headgear, waterproof jacket, warmers, lighters, flashlights, compass, GPS tracking system, whistle, some sewing kit, important documents, and some cash to name a few.

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Importance Of A Bug-Out Bag

Calamities can strike any moment now, and if you are not prepared, the chances of your survival will be low. There’s no other time to take it very lightly. It is important to act now and be prepared with all the bug out bags filled with essentials to survive.

The primary importance of a BOB is to allow the carrier to evacuate quickly when a calamity disaster strikes. It sounds reasonable to have a single place of all the essential materials and personal needs that you might need during emergencies. The type of BOB can vary depending on the calamity.

There might be lesser items from other people who are suffering from an earthquake compared to the ones who live in the area which are prone to blizzard or wildfires.

In addition to allowing people to survive in difficult situations, a bug-out bag can also be used when sheltering in place as a response to certain calamities situations like house first, tornadoes, or even blackouts.


To conclude, disaster preparedness doesn’t need to be difficult and complicated. All you need to do is to create a list that will be your guide in getting all the necessary items to put in your BOB. There are kits available online where you can buy it in bulk, so you won’t have to buy it individually. Calamities can strike at any moment, and it is smart to approach this kind of emergencies seriously because you’ll never know what is going to happen until it happens.