How Long Can You Live In A Bunker?

How Long Can You Live In A Bunker?

A lot of people have always been wondering when is the day of judgment. There have been myths and conspiracy theories that it was supposed to be in 2012. It might be worrisome for some people, but a few are prepared if that day comes. They are ready to retreat into their very own doomsday bunkers.

How long can you live in a bunker? You can live in a bunker as long as you like, provided that you have enough food and water. Some doomsday bunker manufacturers developed a bunker that can hold enough water and food for 30 or more days.

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In this short read, you will find out what exactly is a bunker and what are the most important things to consider when building one.

Survival Bunkers

Survival bunkers are one of the essential parts of survival rule. After air, which you cannot survive three minutes, these bunkers are the next important element in increasing your odds of survival.

These bunkers will be safe when a certain emergency arises. It can protect you from the destructive force of calamity and other attacks from the outside. Three hours is the only expected amount of time for a person to survive without proper shelter to protect them from any elements.

You can live as long as you want in a bunker, they are made of steel and are proven to withstand all destructive forces outside. It is a perfect shelter for people who are facing different situations like calamities and nuclear war.

Things You Need When Setting Up Survival Bunker

The threat is always present, and it can come at you at any given time. To prepare yourself, here are some of the things you need to consider when building your bunker:

Air Ventilation

If you are planning to have a bunker, usually, it will be placed underground. You won’t survive until you have proper ventilation installed in your bunker. It is crucial as you need to get a system that can last for a while and be able to withstand a bomb or a natural disaster.

Water And Food

Water is the most important thing you need to have stored in your bunker. It is way more important than food. Scientifically speaking, a person can last three days without water and three weeks without food.

Stocking your bunker with water and food will assure you of your survival. Opt for jugs or bottled water that has been treated to stand longer and choose non-perishable goods. It can be either canned fruits and vegetables and long-lasting meals like MRE.


Overall, survival bunkers have been getting a lot of buzz lately because of what is happening in the world. Living in them is possible as long as you have enough stocks to cover your food and water intake.

Many wealthy people are investing in this kind of infrastructure because you will never know when it will hit you. Ultimately, it is up to your decision if you want a bunker in your house.