How Do You Survive A Purge?

How Do You Survive A Purge?

There’s no other holiday like the Purge, like seriously, there isn’t and that probably the best thing for everyone. But what if it’s real and there’s one night where you can freely commit any crime, and murder is legal. There first thing you think of is to hide, but you’ll be surprised that the majority will participate.

How do you survive a purge? In surviving a purge, one thing you need to know is that you need to do some preparation. Being alone won’t do you any good, so it is nice to find allies, and lastly, question the authority, you have the right to know about social injustice.

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In this article, you will have an idea of how to survive purge night. It might be a good read as you never know these days.

Surviving A Purge

Pitting people against other people regardless of family, government tyrant proves to be that the Purge is a game turn into a battlefield. But over the course of different action-packed stories of survival, anarchy, and grit, they share a handful of tactics and strategies to survive.

Prior Preparation

Have you ever heard of the term Five P’s? It is most commonly used in any workplace scenario where it means “Proper Planning Prevent Poor Performance.” can be applied to any workforce, whether you are in the business industry to the food industry. It can be a handful in times of Purging.

If you get caught up by the Purge alarm, and you still haven’t prepared for the night, then you are doomed. Planning for a Purge night should be done from Point A to Point B, or else Point Z. There are so many steps to follow, so you need to think about it carefully. You’ve seen it in the movie unless you are part of a wealthy family. You will most likely get purged.

The Buddy System

The idea of the Purge comes from a series of horror movies that come with a horrifying plot. If you haven’t seen it you can’t be alone or else you’re done. Being alone during a Purge night can be your one-way ticket to the afterlife.

People can sometimes be sneaky, and they will just right in front of you, and during Purge night, there’s no mercy. They aim to kill to bite out the country’s overpopulation and sometimes for revenge. It is essential to have your cliques around and form an alliance with other people. The more people you have on your back, the more likely you’ll survive.

Question Authority

The meaning of the Purge is not all about unmerciful killings, crimes being legal, and killing other people. It is all about these so-called elitists trying to exterminate the low-class people, which is, by the way, you. It is not proven to be accurate by any means of science nor for traditional purposes. It’s the government trying to implement a fascist approach. 

Always remember to trust your friends but never the government since they are the ones who started it.


To conclude, the idea of purging is expressed further in a fictional movie “The Purge”. It sounds absurd to think about it happening in real life, but you’ll never know, with what is happening all over the world now, it is not far off from reality.