How Do You Kill A Zombie?

How Do You Kill A Zombie?

Zombies are fictional that through the reanimation of one corpse, they are alive. They are being used in most fantasy and horror movies to add thrill to the story. And some say that whenever you see zombies in real life, it means that the end is near. No one can justify the saying, but if ever this came true, make sure you know how to defeat them.

How do you kill a zombie? They say that to be able to kill a zombie. You need to destroy its brain. You can also use weapons like guns, trucks, and cars, and sports equipment to kill them.

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As you continue, you will learn practical ways on how to kill zombies. And we will also tackle other weapons you can use to kill them.

Target And Destroy The Brain

We have watched some zombie movies, and most of it shows how you can kill them. Yes, most zombie movies show that you can use guns to destroy the brain.

But make sure that the weapons you are using are large enough to be able to destroy their weapons. Because if you happen to own a smaller caliber, this could not help in destroying their brain.

Only if you decide to shoot at a closer range, weapons like a large axe or sledgehammer are helpful too in killing zombies. You can attack the sides of their head rather than targeting the back of the skull. And targeting the sides of their head, ears, and eyes are advisable too.

Other Tools You Can Use

We know that not all can own a gun, that is why we listed other tools you can use. Check them out below:

1. Gardening Tools

It may seem odd, but this is one effective alternative tool you can use. Gardening tools include rakes, cultivators, and shovels. They say these are effective because they have hard handles, which makes it perfect in attacking the zombie’s head.

2.Trucks and Cars

It is one tested and effective tool that can kill zombies aside from guns. Cars are good, but if you have trucks, it’s better. The bigger car you use, the bigger chances of killing them. But if in case you don’t have trucks, you can apply the reverse and back over method.

With this, you can ensure that they are dead. And don’t forget to target the zombies while doing this because it’s their weakness.

3. Sports Equipment

If you’re into some sport, you can use that equipment to save yourself from zombies. Two main types of equipment that are efficient in killing them are baseball bats and golf clubs.

They say that you can also use a tennis racket but need to put extra strength whenever you swing it. This equipment needs more effort to kill zombies, but they’re still one good option too.

You can also use hockey equipment which is deadly too. With its skate blades, sure thing the zombies head will be rolling.


In general, zombies only exist based on fiction or imagination and that we shouldn’t worry about it. But, though they only live in movies, we still need to be ready. We can’t force everybody to believe that zombies may be real, but we can help them be ready and prepared. And knowing these things are a big help for us to survive whenever they come.