Has A Tornado Hit A Skyscraper?

Has A Tornado Hit A Skyscraper?

A tornado is one natural disaster that needs to be prepared for. Preparation includes making a building that can at least withstand tornadoes. Thus, many building-makers decided to put up a building where their occupants could make them feel safe.

Has a tornado hit a skyscraper? Tornadoes can hit a skyscraper, but there’s no excuse that it can’t be damaged. Though there are buildings that say they can withstand a tornado, all the glasses can still be broken like in any house.

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In this article, you’ll realize that a tornado can hit a skyscraper-like any other buildings.

Effects Of Tornadoes In A Skyscraper

If you believe what most would say that a skyscraper can withstand a tornado, then it’s a myth. Many believe that a skyscraper can break up the wind that a tornado produces or destroy.

But according to the experts in the National and Atmospheric Administration, there’s no place that is immune to tornadoes. Note that the major risks bought by a tornado to a skyscraper and low-risk buildings are the windborne debris.

If you are warned that there is an approaching tornado while you are in a skyscraper, go to an interior area. It’s also better if you go to a lower area, if possible. Some would also say that interior staircases are usually safe.

It’s better than in a skyscraper, there’s a preferred safe room, especially for occupants.

What To Do When A Tornado Occurs And You’re In A Skyscraper

Believe that there are no specific safe places to be at when a tornado occurs. Most tornadoes are violent, meaning they can level and blow away almost any houses.

The EF5 tornadoes are the most extreme violent tornadoes, but experts say that they are rare. Like in any homes or buildings, it is a general rule to avoid being near to the windows.

If you’re in a skyscraper, go to its lowest floors, if possible, when the hallway is clear to pass. Then crouch as much as possible to the floor, your face down and cover your head with your hands.

Also, remember not to use the elevators when going down because you might be trapped in it when the electricity is lost.

What To Do After A Tornado?

Tornadoes can cause trauma and panic to anyone. That’s why we can’t avoid the fact that when you’re with your family at a particular place, you might lose them. But when a tornado is gone, perform some of these tips:

1. look for your loved ones and gather them immediately. Then wait for an emergency rescuer to arrive.

2. If you know a little first aid, do it to those you know have injuries.

3. Stay away from power lines and puddles with wires in it, because they might still be carrying electricity.

4. Be careful about your steps and avoid any broken glasses, nails, and other sharp objects.

5. Stay out of any heavily damaged houses or buildings because they could collapse any time.

6. Avoid using lighters or matches if there’s a gas leakage or broken fuel tanks nearby.

7. Lastly, be attentive, stay calm, and alert so you can clearly get any information and instructions from the officials.


Overall, a skyscraper-like any other buildings or house is not a safe place when a tornado hits. Because the truth is, it can’t break the wind that it produces. But the only thing you need to do to survive is to stay away from any glass windows.

And remember all those tips whenever a tornado hit a skyscraper and also the things to do after a tornado.