Does Walmart Sell Mountain House?

Does Walmart Sell Mountain House?

Mountain House meals have been sweeping the nation with their readily available meal. It is no wonder that wherever you are, you can buy and order it in your local supermarket or add it to your cart online. They became staple food not only for people who like to camp but also some doomsday prepper. It just so happens that they have a 30-year life shelf, which makes it even more attractive.

Does Walmart sell Mountain House? Yes, you can find a variety of freeze-dried meals available in Walmart. Just look in the camping aisle, and you will see different options that will suit your taste.

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In this short read, you will have different options of where you can find them and how to get your hands on them.

Mountain House Meal Are Everywhere

With a wide variety of flavors to choose from, Mountain House meals have been getting a lot of popularity when it comes to readily available meals. They have options like Chicken and Dumplings, Lasagna with Meat Sauce, and Beef Stroganoff.

You only need to add water, and you are in for a treat with a satisfying home-cooked meal. Whether you are trekking the Everest or just feeding people at home, Mountain House meal got you covered.

You can find several places where you can purchase your pack of freeze-dried meals. Aside from their website, you can visit online stores and shops all over the nation:


If you wish to end up in a reliable place to get your very own freeze-dried meals, you can check Amazon. They offer a wide variety of emergency meals to adventure meals that you can choose from.

They made it easily accessible, depending on your needs. You can also check their best seller page to give you the best of the best products that have been sold many times. It will provide you with an idea of which one is the most popular flavors.


Walmart is another option where you can get Mountain House meals. Same with Amazon, they offer different meals for you to choose from. The only difference is that they are available in their physical store and their website.

So, if you live near Walmart, you can easily drive in and pick up the products yourself and do other grocery shopping.

But if you are the kind of person that doesn’t like to go out, Walmart’s online store is your answer. You can conveniently include it to your cart as many items as you want as long as there’s enough stock and delivered right in your doorstep.


Overall, Mountain House is literally everywhere. If their site is down, you can go to Amazon or Walmart to get their products. Grocery shopping is way easier today compared to the old days.

You only need to be careful when buying online products as you can’t examine the product itself. Make sure to read reviews from different consumers to get the best product possible.

It is good that Amazon has a certified Mountain House page, so rest assured you get the same thing available to their website.