Does Opening Windows During A Tornado Help?

Does Opening Windows During A Tornado Help?

You might have heard it online, or someone must have said it to you that opening windows is beneficial during a tornado attack. But that is a hoax because it is not entirely accurate at all. It is the opposite, which is why take note that being prepared and informed is your best option for natural disasters.

Does opening windows during a tornado help? No, it is quite dangerous to do so. Opening your window will bring in some high-pressure air, which then must need to escape. It is usually by going out on other windows, doors, or through the roof. Opening the window can cause the house to explode.

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This article will allow you to learn about tornado safety and why it is dangerous to open your windows when a tornado strikes.

Should I Opening The Window Will Help?

It is one of the biggest myths at all times when people open their windows when there is a tornado or a typhoon-related emergency. They believed that opening the window can stabilize the pressure in your home.

But, this will be the last thing that you want to do in the middle of a tornado attack. Here’s some reason why you should keep it sealed during this catastrophe:

Debris Can Damage Your Property

Opening your windows during a storm will allow the strong wind, water, and other debris to enter and cause destruction to your interiors. Even just by opening a small cracking can have a huge effect on your home.

The NWS recommends sealing the windows tightly as one of the core safety actions.

Moisture And Flood Damage

Also, opening your windows during a hurricane or a tornado will increase the likelihood of moisture and flood damage. Even the slightest moisture and water inside can cost you hundreds of dollars for repairs. It can create large-scale structural damage inside your property.

Strong Wind Can Damage Your House

A tornado has a massive and significant force of air, and if it goes inside, it will find a way to exit. Since it has a massive force, it is strong enough to blow the roof off your home.

It happens because wind travels over the top of your house at an extremely high speed. Add this to the additional wind inside your house, and you are causing an effect similar to the force that can lift airplanes to the sky.


Overall, opening windows is a long-running ancient myth that people should forget. If you think about the science behind it, it will all make sense, and it causes more harm than good.

When the tornado hits, the last thing you should be doing is to open your windows and keep them as tight as possible so it won’t get blown off. Opening the windows during a storm is costly, but also dangerous for you and your family.

Be alert and ensure you have all the essentials you need to survive in this kind of emergency.