Can You Survive A Category 5 Hurricane?

Hurricanes are one of the deadliest calamity catastrophes brought to you by heavy storms covering thousands of square miles. If there’s a hurricane forecast, do not be alarmed and do not panic. Panic won’t do you any good instead, be attentive and quick in making sure you prioritize yourself and your families’ safety.

Can you survive a Category 5 hurricane? Yes, there is a possibility of survival in a Category 5 hurricane. This category may be the top of the scale with maximum winds up to 157 mph, but you might get through it.

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In this short read, you will find the Category 5 hurricane and the ways to survive this destructive catastrophe.

Catastrophic Damage Of Category 5 Hurricane

Category 5 is the highest-category hurricane with a maximum wind speed of 157 mph or even higher. All living things are susceptible to the impending danger from all flying debris regardless if it’s indoor or outdoor.

All mobile homes are off-limits and can be easily destroyed, while most of the frame homes will be destroyed by 90%. Commercial buildings with a wood roof will experience severe destruction, and metal buildings can collapse at any moment.

Even all trees will most likely be uprooted, and all power poles will be ruined. There is a big chance of electricity damage that can even last for weeks to months. Not only will you expect power outages but also expect to have water shortages.

Since 1924, there are only three hurricanes that made landfall as a Category 5. One of the most famous hurricanes in the recent decade was Hurricane Andrew back in 1992 in Florida.

Hurricane Camile was a Category 5, and it hit back in 1969. Another one was 1935’s Labor Day hurricane.

Surviving A Category 5 Hurricane

Tropical storms, compared to earthquakes or volcanic eruptions, can be predicted. Weather forecasters can warn citizens if there’s an incoming tropical storm way ahead of time. For this particular calamity, it is essential to be ready for anything.

The first thing step that you need to do is to have a survival kit ready. It contains food, water, first-aid kits, clothing, and other necessities.

Make sure to prune and foliage trees around your home to minimize the extent of debris and branches that can be tossed around when there’s a tropical storm in your area.

Check your canals and gutter to make sure those are unclogged to prevent more damage due to flooding. Board up your windows with some plywood to make sure they are sturdy enough. Always be alert when the government gives a signal for evacuation.


When you want to survive a hurricane, it all comes down to preparedness and proper planning. Have all the tools and survival kits ready to secure your survival. It is also essential to stay alert and have a good presence of mind.

You’ll never know what is going to happen, and your smart thinking is your only weapon to this kind of disaster.