Can You Smell Through A Gas Mask?

Can You Smell Through A Gas Mask?

You might think that having a gas mask is a pretty straight forward piece of safety equipment, but the truth is that it totally the opposite, and there are so many things and information to process. A gas mask or most commonly known respirators requires a higher deal of understanding.

Can you smell through a gas mask? They stop the smell outside the gas mask because of the filtration of the particles. But you can still smell the inside of the mask, which smells typically like rubber. If you went to a very smelly place, you wouldn’t smell anything in that area.

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In this short read, you will understand how gas masks cancel the surrounding smell and why it is essential to wear them.

Best Respirator That Filter The Smell

If you are looking for some respirator that can filter the smell in your surrounding, you need to know the basics first. The smell is everywhere, as long as you have a perfectly working nose, you can pretty much smell everything.

It is why it is pretty understandable to look for some masks if you work in a place with a terrible smell.

Moldex 2400 N95 Mask

This type of masks is perfect for lower levels of organic vapors. They are a small and disposable type of respirator.

These comfortable disposable respirators have an exhalation vent and a layer of the activated carton to block any known nuisance level of the ozone or organic vapor.

3M 6000 Series Half Facepiece Respirator

Many people use respirators for their job, and let’s face it, sun-baked diapers and dead animals are not nuisance-level smells. They are potentially dangerous.

The air containing in this combo-pack of vapors has more surface area of the activated carbon to remove all of the stenches. It is why it is recommended to have the 3M 6000 Series Half Facepiece Respirator.

They will do the job for you blocking all those stenches. Adding the organic vapor cartridges will get rid of the wide range of odors. They are also approved by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health organization.

3M 7500 Series

If you are looking for a short duration of usage, you can get the 7500 series masks by 3M. The soft-silicon conforms to the contours of a variety of people’s faces.

They have a better seal of mas, and it is the most comfortable for the long haul. The fit of the respirator is vital as having a loose fit. The air won’t be filtered and won’t have the benefit of absorbing all those unpleasant odors.


Overall, if you have the best respirator, it can minimize the smell, and some even get rid of it as a whole. It is essential to know that finding the best respirator for you will be based on what you are dealing with.

Regardless if it’s for a pandemic or just plain for work-related issues, a good mask will come a long way.