Can A Tornado Kill You?

Can A Tornado Kill You?

Nowadays, storms have ripped most countries and some experience dozens of tornados. It comes very quickly, even without the tornado watch being issued and every year it a tornado reports thousands of death and destruction to the properties of many people. It has been going on for the past few years now and climate change is not even helping

Can a tornado kill you? Yes, it can kill you with its massive wind force. Strong wind from any severe calamities can create havoc, but the spinning and speed of tornado winds are destructive.

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A tornado can lift any object and drop it in an accelerating manner. Most people got killed by falling debris that was raised by the tornado.  Read on to have an idea of how destructive a tornado can be and some safety tips to apply when the storm hits your location.

Tornado Destruction

Tornadoes can inflict at least 400 million dollars in damage every year, killing 70 people on average. It is due to the extremely high wind that can tear homes, buildings, bridges, train tracks, and even send cars flying.

The wind created during a tornado hit can kill and injure people by rolling and dropping them from a dangerous altitude. But on the average cases, people are struck by flying debris. It includes roofing shingles, broken glasses, doors, and metal rods.

Aside from that, the number of average deaths per year in the United States used to be higher up until now that they developed some improvements with their forecasting and warning systems.

Critical Tornado Survival Tips

When the National Weather Service issues a tornado warning, you could only have minutes to react. Here are the things that you might need to do to survive a tornado hit:

Maintain A Storm Shelter

Having a storm shelter is essential to get a higher probability of survival. Most of the time, the perfect structure for this is the cellar or the basement. If neither of these two is available, find the nearest shelter provided by your community or the government.

Assemble An Emergency Kit

Always have an emergency kit ready all the time. It should include flashlights and battery, weather radio, water, non-perishable food, first aid kits, some dry clothes, and other medications. Flashlight and radio will be beneficial because you will be able to use them if there’s a power outage.


To conclude, a tornado is dangerous, and the only way to survive them is to be prepared and alert as much as possible. Getting informed with the things you need to do before, during, and after the storm will give you an advantage.

It is vital to have a plan for your family and pets, especially what to do when a tornado hits you to ensure your survival. There are times that you might not have enough time to be able to leave your home.

For whatever reason you decide, you need to make a plan, execute it carefully, and stay as safe as possible.