Can A Hotel Withstand A Tornado?

Can A Hotel Withstand A Tornado?

Hotels continue to strive to provide the best protection to their guests and to become a safe evacuation center to those who are distressed. Yet imagine yourself wanting a smooth vacation when the hotel staffs that there is an incoming tornado threat in the area. When this happens, it can be an unfortunate and dangerous situation.

Can a hotel withstand a tornado? Yes. The building itself is durable enough to withstand the tornado, and you will be reminded by the hotel staff to stay in the safest area of the hotel. All hotel staff is also tasked to remain alert, packed for emergencies, and to be weather watchers.

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In this article, you will be learning a few hotel procedures and what are the things hotel staff is trained to do during this situation.

The Hotel Management’s Disaster Procedures

Most likely, the hotel has its rules to keep their guests safe and protected. Here is the list of some of its procedures:

Stay Alert

Hotel staff is trained to be alert at all times, especially when distress happens. They need to have a sense of alertness so they can guide everyone to the safest place in the hotel, which is in the basement or somewhere without any windows.

You also have the responsibility for yourself to stay alert at all times without depending on the hotel’s ability to protect you.

Be A Weather Watcher

It’s essential to be updated with news during emergencies, and most tornadic activities happen during summer and spring seasons. Since a tornado can inflict too much damage, many glass windows will be held broken.

If a tornado is imminent, then the hotel staff will require you to stay in the basement and give you some essentials.

Why It’s Safe To Stay In The Hotel During A Tornado?

Staying in the hotel is not just a place for relaxation, but it’s also a place where people can safely hide.

The Hotel Is Sturdy Enough

Unless the hotel is poorly engineered and made of light materials, then you better stay away from it. Most hotels have their basement or storage rooms where they hide their concierge equipment.

What’s great in staying in hotels is that you are assured with your safety, not only during tornadoes, but also during hurricanes, flash floods, and all other worst calamities.

The Place Is Equpped For Emergency Situations

As you checked in the hotel, you have to inquire to the hotel clerk the most recommended room where you could stay during weather emergencies. All hotel buildings have their emergency exits, and usually, they have a schematic drawing of how the floor plan looks like.

If a power failure occurs, they also have some emergency lights to help guests back to their rooms. It would also help if you brought some flashlight and extra batteries with you, to avoid a total blackout.


To conclude, it is always good to keep yourself safe during this time of condition. So, yes, any hotel can withstand any natural calamities if hotel members can follow disaster procedures to ensure safety among their clients.